Wills and Estates

willYour Will is an important legal document that comes into effect upon your death and directs what you wish to happen with your property.

If you die without making a Will or if your Will is invalid then you are said to have died “intestate”.

In that case the Succession Act (the Act) is applied in NSW.  The Act is a ‘one size fits all’ solution that probably doesn’t reflect what you would want to happen with your property.

Most people plan for their financial future and consider very carefully their superannuation, their mortgage and family home, insurance and pensions. But when it comes to making a Will it is still very common for people to say “I don’t care what happens – I’ll be dead” .

Making a Will is a really positive step you than can take to ensure that as far as it is within your control, the expense involved in gifting your property is minimised,  the people you care about are provided for and you exclude people you do not wish/intend to share in your Estate, after you die.

Making a Will does not have to be a time consuming or expensive process. You will need to see one of our solicitors for about 30 minutes on 2 occasions.  We have set fees for simple Wills ($220.00 inclusive of GST) and offer a discount to couples when making a Will at the same time ($330.00 inclusive of GST for both).

If your financial arrangements are more complicated and for instance we have to advise you about a family trust, self managed super fund or a life tenancy, we will give you an upfront quote on request  – so you know the cost before you proceed.

We can store your Will in our safe custody facility free of charge if you wish.

Please call on 8860 9477 or email us to make an appointment about drafting your Will today.