Litigation, Court House

The Principals at JV legal have extensive experience in many areas of litigation and can assist you in conducting most personal or commercial legal disputes.

Many disputes can be resolved by way of negotiation or utilising a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

ADR including informal settlement conferences, early evaluations, Mediation, conciliation and Arbitration, is becoming a feature of the way litigation is conducted in New South Wales Courts and in Federal jurisdictions.

In addition, many jurisdictions have mandatory ‘pre-action’ protocols/procedures that involve ADR and indeed pre-action ADR may soon be mandatory in NSW for all civil matters.

We regularly personally represent clients at mediations, informal settlement conferences and conciliation and can assist you in utilising these processes effectively to achieve an early resolution or the best outcome in your circumstances.

If an early settlement of your dispute is not achieved and you have to resort to litigation, you can be confident that your matter will be conducted efficiently and strategically in your best interests.

We regularly appear in and have a real working knowledge of the processes of the following jurisdictions including:

  • NSW Local Courts
  • District Court of NSW
  • Supreme Court of NSW
  • Federal Court of Australia
  • Family Court of Australia
  • Federal Magistrates Court
  • Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Fair Work Australia
  • NSW Industrial Relations Commission
  • Workers Compensation Commission
  • Dust Diseases Tribunal
  • Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your dispute.