Employment and Workplace Claims

unfair dismissalEmployment and Workplace Claims – For Employees

Commencing or ceasing employment can be very stressful and there can be a great deal of pressure (financial and personal) associated with ceasing employment and/or  negotiating terms and conditions of employment.

JV Legal can assist you and provide timely advice in respect of:

  • Reviewing your proposed employment contract and explaining complex clauses and how they might affect you
  • Disputes in the workplace (while you are still employed)
  • Flexible workplace arrangements (for parents/carers)
  • Unfair contracts claims (termination pay, calculation of bonuses and other disputes)
  • Calculation of termination payments – including redundancy
  • Workplace discrimination and/or bullying
  • Sexual or racial discrimination in the workplace
  • Re-instatement of your employment if you are returning to work after a workplace injury.
  • Unfair dismissal

There may be a range of options available to you depending on the nature of your employment and the circumstances of the commencement or cessation of your employment. JV Legal can assist you and explain your obligations, rights and entitlements arising from your employment contract, Award or Agreement.

Our advice will depend on your individual circumstances and the first place to start is usually your employment contract or identifying what Award or Agreement applies to you.

There are strict time limits applicable in some areas of employment and industrial law.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your employment issues.