Appointing an Enduring Guardian

enduring guardianPeople are living longer and the incidence of dementia, mental illness, stroke and other debilitating conditions associated with old age are, purely as a consequence of the aging population, becoming more prevalent in our society.

The appointment of an enduring guardian will ensure that a person of your choosing will have the power (subject to any specific directions you impose) to make decisions on your behalf about  medical and dental treatment, lifestyle and care/services arrangements and decisions concerning your wellbeing  should you become incapacitated and unable to make the decisions for yourself such as:

  • What treatment you receive (or do not receive if you have made a direction to that effect)
  • What nursing home, in home care or care services are provided to you.
  • Which doctors and specialist are retained to treat you.
  • What complimentary health services you receive (eg. diversional therapy, physio or hydrotherapy)

The appointment of and enduring guardianship must be accepted by the nominated guardian or it is of no effect.

The enduring guardianship ceases to have any effect upon your death and/or if you regain capacity.

We charge a fixed fee of $175.00 (inclusive of GST) to prepare an enduring guardianship and they can be drafted at the time of your initial consultation .

Please feel free to call us on 8860 9477 or email us to make an appointment concerning your enduring guardianship needs.